Japanese government wants to let handicapped commit suicide.
As a result, it will grow suicide attacker.

Hello, to the foreign soldier of Jihaado with the strong bomb.

Do you hate Japan which sucks penis of USAH
Do you wont to do Jihaado in Japan?

30,000 people commit suicide in Japan per one year.
There are 1,300,000 people with a disability frightened by a welfare subsidy being stopped.
The government stops the welfare subsidy for more than a hundred thousand people every year.
Japanese Government wants to do suicide of handicapped person.
And the government has a scheme to delete about overtime pay of all worker in Japan.
Japanese politicians torment the people to get huge corporate donations.
Japanese Government very likes money than people.
The case of Mr. Kenji Goto will be same.

If you send a letter to 100 Japanese, you will get one person who think about suicide.
It is all responsibility of the government.
The Japanese are an adaptable people.
However, they cannot say anything to the government by mind control.
And,there are a lot of people who want to die in Japan.
What do you think about Japan & Japanese?
My "foreboding" is this.
The person which hate their government and to do suicide attack will appear in near future into Japanese.
By some kind of opportunities.

The person with a disability who got on the wheelchair can act easily in the city of Japan.
The government remodeled Japanese cities to give construction industry profit.
It is your imagination after this......

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